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Even with nearly endless waves of guards and the burden of their gear slowing them all down, it doesn’t take long to reach the doors of the ‘Oasis’. And all Steven can think about is how this is not a place for war. How the doors had once opened to soft music and peaceful air. Now they bring with them automatic weapons and indestructible determination. Yes, this is no place for war. However, it has made a home here anyways.
To Lead A Flock To Slaughter

OOC; LAST UPDATE About the illness thing

SO! Remember what I said about the zombie outbreak happening in my area? I was fucking right. An outbreak of the ‘Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease’ has happened in my little town and you’ll never guess who “patient zero” is in this pretty little analogy.

That’s right. Me.

So, fuck everything, first off, because, if you don’t know, the Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease covers the victim’s hands, feet, and (you guessed it) mouth with painful sores and blisters. There’s also a fever and lack of appetite and cold sweats and all sorts of other lovely things that happen. 

Through all this, I’m trying to keep up in school, theatre, etc. etc.

In short, things aren’t pleasant right now. At all.

BUT! As soon as I’m over this (give it a week, that’s what they’re telling me, but I’m trying to sweat it out faster), you bet your asses I’ll be back to smother you all with adoration.

-Emily, Gadget, and Soap.

I Must Confess in Threes

  • Blab:

    Three secrets I'm keeping.

  • Mwah:

    Three people I'd like to kiss.

  • Similar:

    Three members of the same sex I find attractive.

  • Different:

    Three members of the opposite sex I find attractive

  • Pastime:

    Three hobbies I have that I would be embarrassed to know someone discovered.

  • Doing:

    Three habits that I have.

  • Psst:

    Three things that I've always wanted to tell you.

  • Shh:

    Three things I wouldn't want my parents to know

  • Dream:

    Three wishes I have.

  • Want:

    Three things I would do to you if we were alone.



Glad that she’s got Toad around to talk to and to put things into perspective, Gadget smokes and amiably listens to the man speak, eyes still searching for something. “To be honest, Toad…I think we’re taking a nose dive towards the ‘complete shit’ end of things. Not to sound optimistic, or anything.” She laughs quietly, flicking the butt of her cigarette to the ground. She doesn’t reach for another. The smile lingers, “Well-fed, well-armed, and bat shit crazy.” 

Gadget nods in understanding. “Partners. Yeah, I’ve got you.” And really, she does. Toad doesn’t’ have to back the simple word up with a lengthy definition or an explanation to why he and Archer are so close. She’d been in that position herself when she was a sniper. When you spend enough time in a hide with someone, when you’re pressed shoulder to shoulder and depend on them to make the shot, there’s got to be trust. If there’s not, the shots don’t meet their mark. But with partners like Archer and Toad things are pretty much guaranteed. Gadget has great respect for both of them.

And, inwardly, she thinks it’s a good relationship for both of them. Archer likes to say nothing as much as possible while Toad’s pretty good about speaking his mind. It only fits that they’d work well together.

“Tell me about it. Thing is, I made my misstep before I even met the man. I’m hoping that I can afford a simple question, but that may be me holding out for a miracle. Tread lightly, avoid pissing off the snake, and pray: that’s pretty much my plan. As always.” Her fingers itch for something to do. It’s been months she’s had access to a proper car. But, for now she can settle for less. Her lighter. With a few memorized clicks and squeezes, Gadget has the lighter in three pieces. Then back together. Then in three. Then back. “This is probably why it doesn’t work…” She refers to the lighter.

“O’course I’ve thought about it. It’d be pretty damn selfish of me if I just dismissed it right off the bat. A few extra bucks coming in would be a hell of a lot of help back home. Besides, I don’t really have a reason to reject the transfer without at least looking into it. But…” Gadget glances around, an old habit. “Toad, I think Shep knows I can’t just pass it up. Y’know what I mean? Like that’s his angle. Maybe I am paranoid…” 

“I wouldn’t call it… selfish, refusing the transfer, but if you think your family needs it…” Toad begins slower this time; hesitant to speak about ‘life back home,’ as he knows he’s not privy to all of Gadget’s private information. He watches as Gadget fiddles with the lighter, her fingers moving so fast it takes three repetitions of taking-it-apart and putting-it-together before he understands how she’s actually doing it. It’s just a habit of his, observing things like this, wanting to know how things work; eventually, though, he manages tears his gaze away from her hands.

“If he believes you really won’t pass it up—if that’s his angle, if he’s headhunting, or whatever… it’s odd that he’d be targeting you.” Toad pauses for a split second before wincing and adding hastily, “Oh shit, uh, I didn’t mean it like that!”

“It’s just that, whatever he’s offering you here—whatever he gains from secreting you away, why is it more important than the 141?” Chris is of the opinion, of course, that virtually nothing is more important than the task force he’s been assigned to.

“I mean—if he thinks it’s more important, then why is he choosing you, why isn’t he targeting someone higher-ranked like Ghost or Archer—hell even the captain. Someone up there, you know? It just—I guess it stumps me, what General Shepherd is thinking. It usually does, though,” the sniper admits freely, with another short laugh, though it’s obvious that he’s still a bit self-conscious at ‘insulting’ his teammate.

Gadget listens carefully to Toad. She nods, slowly shifting her weight from one foot to the other and back again. Like she’s hesitating to say something. The clicking has stopped. “I just want to get them out of New York. It’s not good for Amelia to grow up in that environment…”

A good natured laugh follows the look she gives Toad as he hastily back tracks. Gadget gives him a clap on the shoulder and reassurance that he hasn’t offended her. “I get that, yeah. Don’t worry about offending me or anything, man, I’m not that uptight. Despite popular belief.” The smile lingers a moment more before it and her hand both fall away.

"I have a few…theories. But don’t take my word for it; this is just me thinking out loud." Hesitant to share her view on the subject, Gadget glances around. Satisfied that no one’s paying them any mind, she looks back to Toad, a sort of odd earnestness in her voice. "First off, I’m American, Toad. Ghost and Captain Mactavish would fit the bill to a fucking T if they were too. Again—I’m not sure—but I think that, whatever he’s got going, it’s for the big ‘U.S.’. Secondly, I’ve got access to the—excuse the phrase—inside." 

Realizing that she’s dropped her voice to a whisper without even noticing, Gadget clears her throat and looks away, the clicking starting back up as she fiddles uselessly with the lighter. “It sounds fucking crazy, I know…” Not wanting to disturb him with these ideas, she adds. “It’s probably just me thinking the way they trained me to back in the States. Guessing at peoples motivation, taking shots in the dark as to what they’re thinking. Shepherd’s probably just looking for an excuse to stick me back behind screens and keep me there…” If only she believed it herself. 

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